Armed Response

Our Armed response and control centre are considered the number one team in Nelson Mandela Bay – for service levels, technological advances, and structure of operations. At Atlas Security, we pride ourselves on keeping response times low and these are monitored in detail daily – both from the side of the control centre and also the armed response officers on the road.

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Dedicated Patrol Service

Atlas’ Dedicated Patrol Services (DPS) is a proactive service which allows for regular patrols past your home either hourly or two-hourly, depending on the size of the area of operation. The regular armed response service is reactive – standing down at a point, and reacting to positive alarm signals from that point. A DPS vehicle, however – which is additional to the regular service, is required to patrol 24/7.

We have taken the decision to station the same officers in the same DPS areas, as this allows them to become familiar with you, your community, your pets, domestic employees, family and regular visitors. They can therefore easily recognise when someone or something is out of place within the boundaries of the DPS area. These special officers, in effect, become part of your community.

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atlas security app

A PERSONAL EMERGENCY DISTRESS SIGNAL! The security application has been developed to improve the safety and security of you, your family and home. All emergency signals are connected to the Atlas Security control room for maximum security and faster response times.

This mobile emergency panic application will allow Atlas Security and other emergency services to respond directly to your selected location. It also sends a silent distress signal to all your ICE contacts, alerting them of your security emergency.

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Technical Services

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just need to update your current system, Atlas offers technical services tailored to your needs. Our handy Power Supply Solutions also ensure that your security system works, even when the lights don’t.

  • New Installations
  • Upgrades
  • Repairs
  • Power Supply Solutions
    • Atlas Solar
    • Atlas Supplementary Power Supply (SPS)
  • Special Projects

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