Our Armed response and control centre are considered the number one team in Nelson Mandela Bay – for service levels, technological advances, and structure of operations. At Atlas Security, we pride ourselves on keeping response times low and these are monitored in detail daily – both from the side of the control centre and also the armed response officers on the road. 

Our control centre is absolute state-of-the art and is built to meet the strict requirements of SAIDSA. Our control centre operators are also put through a rigorous 8-week training program (at a minimum), and as with the rest of the employees at Atlas, are required to pass pre-employment and random polygraph tests. Our dedicated in-house trainer focuses on making sure all new recruits are thoroughly prepared for any situation once they have passed the training program – whether it be procedural, emergency-related, or communication.

We have over 150 qualified armed response officers looking after our metro. They go through a rigorous training process and evaluation in order to become an employee at Atlas Security. This includes the aforementioned polygraphing processes. Where positive incidents have occurred, on duty response officers need to go through a process of reporting and a polygraph may be required as part of this. All our calls and vehicles are tracked and logged and we are able to pin point exact information with regards to records and the movements of our officers.

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