As we reflect on the long weekend, we’re pleased with the tireless efforts of our operational teams. Their dedication has led to a commendable number of arrests, reflecting our unwavering commitment to the safety of Nelson Mandela Bay residents.


  • Summerstrand: Our vigilant team made a strategic arrest, contributing to the overall safety of the area.
  • Uitenhage, Newton Street: A swift response led to an arrest, showcasing our team’s quick action in the face of crime.
  • Uitenhage, Kruisrivier: A remarkable effort by our officers resulted in 3 arrests, thanks to an alert from a Bell Street resident.
  • Sunridge Park: A homeowner’s alert and our team’s rapid deployment facilitated 1 arrest.
  • Fernglen: Surveillance and prompt intervention led to 2 arrests related to a theft on Glenelg Road.


Detailed Incidents:


  • In Sunridge Park, a client’s husband arrived home to find a suspect in their vehicle, attempting to steal valuables. Our control room was notified, and our response team detained the suspect, who had already packed the items in bags.
  • A resident’s alert in Kruisrivier led to the arrest of individuals caught with stolen solid steel rings and other goods. Our officers, B131 and B149, located the suspects under a bridge and successfully recovered the stolen items.
  • In Uitenhage, our officer, B76 encountered two suspects during a routine check. After a chase, he arrested one suspect who had stolen a tap and copper pipes, which were recovered.


Home Burglaries:


  • We responded to 3 house robberies in Broadwood, Lorraine, and Walmer. In Walmer, a resident faced an attempted burglary by 4 individuals. He defended himself with a broom, and although he sustained minor injuries, no loss occurred thanks to his quick thinking.
  • In Broadwood, two suspects entered a home through the kitchen window, assaulting the homeowners. Our officers provided first aid until the ambulance arrived.


Vehicle-Related Incidents:


  • A stolen motorbike was recovered in Uitenhage. Our teams collaborated with SAPS to locate the bike, which was returned to its owner in Despatch.

While we’ve seen an uptick in criminal activity, these incidents highlight the importance of community vigilance and the effectiveness of our security measures. We remind residents to arm their alarms, as this is crucial for our ability to prevent crime and ensure swift arrests.