Attempted Armed Robbery Foiled by Atlas Security


Atlas Security’s armed response team swiftly apprehended a suspect attempting an armed robbery in the heart of Humewood. This incident unfolded on the corner of Chalmers and Napier Street, where a brave woman stood her ground against the assailant.


A suspect, clad in a black tracksuit and safety boots, brandished a knife, threatening to rob the woman of her cell phone and handbag.  The lady courageously flung her belongings into a neighbour’s yard, screamed for help, and sprinted away. The suspect, realizing his plan had unraveled, vanished into nearby bushes.


A vigilant community member promptly alerted our Atlas Security armed response team. Responding immediately, our team engaged with the victim, gathering crucial details about the suspect and the weapon he wielded.


Armed with this information, our dedicated officers sprang into action. Their relentless pursuit led them to La Roche Drive, where they cornered the suspect, ensuring he faced justice.


This arrest underscores the power of community collaboration. As we head into the long weekend, let us celebrate this victory—a testament to our collective resolve and Atlas Security’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding our neighbourhoods.