The Atlas Security Team started the weekend off with a bang by apprehending 4 criminals on Friday in various areas; including Sidwell, North End, Walmer, and Sherwood. That momentum was carried into the weekend as our team managed more successes in Uitenhage, Mount Croix, Central, Richmond Hill, and Bluewater Bay.

Having the largest Armed Response fleet is a strength that makes criminals’ lives very difficult, as when only one vehicle is available to respond to a specific area, managing the workload becomes less about catching criminals and more about getting to activations in an acceptable time frame. Just being ‘Acceptable’ is not something that the team at Atlas Security strives for. We strive for greatness, we strive for perfection. And in order to achieve at that level, Size Matters!

Having up to 4 or 5 vehicles able to respond to a specific area has a direct effect on response times when your family is in danger. Short response times can save lives as in any situation, as every second counts.

Use this scenario as an example: there is an activation on one side of the response officer’s area, which he arrives at within an acceptable time frame. While that unit is checking the premises, a panic signal is activated on the opposite side of the area. The officer cannot just leave the initial activation as the site inspection hasn’t been completed yet and the cause of the activation is still unknown, there could still be suspects on site.

This is when size matters, as a second or third officer can be despatched to the multiple signals in an area. This leaves room for all clients in an area to enjoy peace of mind that they will not be left out in the event of an emergency.

Having the largest Armed Response fleet makes it possible to apprehend 11 suspects in a single weekend.