Community Alert & Success Story from Miramar


Yesterday, our client in Miramar faced a potential burglary when suspects tried to break into their home through the bedroom window.


Fortunately, they had armed their alarm system before leaving, and as soon as the window was smashed, our control room received the signal and dispatched our armed response vehicles.


In under 5 minutes, our armed officer arrived on the scene. Nothing was stolen from inside the property, and our client was notified of the incident. Thanks to this swift coordination, we’re proud to say the attempt was thwarted with no loss to our client.


This incident underlines a crucial message: Arming your alarm is not just a safety measure; it’s a shield that protects what you value most. It’s the difference between loss and security, between vulnerability and peace of mind. And sometimes, it’s what enables our operations team to not just prevent theft but also make an arrest, keeping our community safer for everyone.