2.6 Million Less LPR Readings In April 2020

Technology is developing globally at an exponential rate. This development is occurring in every industry; from food to fashion, transport to communication. Security is no different, the techniques and tools used by security companies must constantly evolve as better detection equipment becomes available. The basics of security aren’t going to change anytime soon, it’s how we build on those basics that keeps us ahead of the criminals.

Atlas Security has been able to maximize on advancements in the security industry, ensuring that our clients have peace of mind that their provider is at the forefront of progress and efforts to combat crime. One of these avenues is our CCTV infrastructure.

Atlas Security has 218 strategically placed cameras within Nelson Mandela Bay. These cameras range from Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras, analytical cameras and surveillance cameras. Stolen vehicles have been recovered; vehicles used in various serious crimes have been stopped and suspects arrested; and suspects involved in residential and commercial burglaries have been identified and apprehended – to name a few of the successes that have been achieved.

CCTV infrastructure has been a key weapon and differentiating factor for Atlas Security. Through our multi-layered interventions we have drastically reduced crime in our 11 DPS (Dedicated Patrol Service) areas, with crime stats in those areas down to almost zero figures. Atlas Security DPS areas are proof that only a multi-layered security solution is the most successful approach to combat crime. So why not use the same recipe for success on an individual basis for your home or business?

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