Crime stats reported to the Atlas Security Control Room continue to increase in comparison to last week. We note a drastic increase in burglaries. With the increase in crime, our operational teams have stepped up their proactive measures – showing significant successes. We commend the Atlas Security Armed Response Officers who have this week handed another 10 criminals over to the SAPS. (Will insert link to the website here)

Burglaries have increased by a massive 48% from last week, which is a concerning figure. Going into level 3 of lockdown, more people will be leaving their homes, which is expected to cause a further rise in domestic burglaries. Be sure to arm your alarms whenever leaving your home. For the individuals that will still be working from home, house robberies are still a very relevant threat as criminals are increasingly desperate to make money. Ensure that you test your alarm system and know exactly where your panic buttons are. 

Through all the chaos and uncertainty that the National Lockdown has caused, our team’s dedication and commitment to your safety has remained unwavering.