We are proud to share with you a remarkable act of kindness and professionalism from one of our Atlas Security DPS (Dedicated Service Patrol) armed response officers, B134. He was on duty in Sunridge Park, patrolling the area around a shopping complex, when he spotted a lady lying on the ground. He immediately rushed to her aid and found out that she was a resident of a nearby retirement village who had collapsed on her way back from the shop.


Officer B134, who has extensive training and experience in the medical field, checked her vital signs and comforted her until she regained consciousness. He then contacted the management of the village and helped them bring a wheelchair to transport her to her room. He also assisted them with further medical observation and ensured that she was stable and safe.


This is just one of the many examples of how our Atlas Security DPS officers go above and beyond their duty to serve and protect the community. They are not only vigilant and proactive in preventing and combating crime, but also compassionate and caring in helping those in need. We commend Officer B134 for his exemplary service and we thank him for being a shining example of what Atlas Security’s DPS stands for.


We are honoured to have such dedicated and skilled officers in our team, and we are grateful for the trust and support of the community. Atlas Security DPS is more than just a security service, we are a family that cares for each other. Together, we can make our neighbourhood a safer and happier place to live. 💙