Three suspects have been terrorising various communities over the past few months in Sunridge Park and Fernglen. Surrounding areas, including Mangold Park and Glenhurd, became temporary targets during the process.

Our operations team started investigating the incidents and picked up a definite trend, 3 suspects were using the Baakens Valley as an entry point into the suburbs and then jumping into various yards looking for opportunities to break in. Their time to strike was the early hours of Tuesday morning which is why, on the 28th of September, Atlas Security Armed Response Officers were strategically placed in the bush to monitor known entry points. It worked, individuals matching the descriptions of the known suspects entered Sunfern in the early hours of the morning, we needed them to perform a criminal act to be able to take them down. but they disappeared.

There were no reports of positive incidents which led the team to believe that the suspects felt that something was different, causing them to abort their operation for the evening.
After that night their trend changed, they targeted the early hours of Wednesday morning, and were spotted by clients’ CCTV cameras in the area They’re also suspected to be spotted in Mangold Park, Walmer Downs, and Glenhurd.

Through continuous investigation, the team got closer to the suspects with close pursuits taking place as the suspects started to make mistakes under pressure, and we were there when that happened. Week by week the team got closer, until Thursday morning (another trend change) in Sunridge Park.

Multiple signals of trespassing were received. Atlas Security Armed Response Officers and the Sunfern NHW arrived on the scene and, with the assistance of technology, got a visual of the suspects. The pursuit began.

The chase lasted for three hours, our officers and NHW patrollers refused to give in, today was the day that we put an end to being victims to their criminal activities. The persistence paid off as two of the three suspects were apprehended and handed over to the SAPS.
We had won! The community had won!

Upon further investigation, we have reason to believe that these suspects weren’t the only ones that were part of the criminal operation. We believe that there is a type of syndicate that they have been working in, which means that we can’t ease off and think it’s over. Now is the time that we need to be on higher alert.

We will take the moment to celebrate a massive victory, but there’s still work to do, and these criminals better believe that Atlas Security has plenty of fight left. We are only getting started.