Nelson Mandela Bay pet-owners are urged to be extra vigilant of their dogs’ whereabouts at all times due to cases where poison is being used when intruders enter a property. A family pet tragically died of poisoning last week in Uitenhage.

Atlas Security has now responded to 3 incidents, all in the Uitenhage area. Just yesterday all 3 of the owners’ dogs were poisoned and found dead. Another incident on Monday where one dog was found dead and during the course of Tuesday evening, 2 dogs were poisoned and died.

Criminals are now poisoning dogs in an attempt to gain access to homes while the residents are still in the home. This is incredibly concerning as it could lead to a terrible house robbery. According to the Uitenhage SPCA, these incidents have occurred in the past, but residents fail to report it to their security company or the SAPS. It is crucial that in the unfortunate event of dog poisoning that you report it to Atlas Security, who will then request SAPS after our teams have arrived on the scene, once reported it is just as critical to open up a case

Just like you, we cannot understand these senseless killings of our furry friends.

Atlas Security will increase visibility in the area during this time.

The nature of this crime highlights the precautions that dog-owners need to take.

• When arriving back home check where your dog is and that it is fine
• Check on the reason if your dog barks at any time of day or night
• If your dog barks at night, do not switch on any lights and go outside to investigate. Rather call your security provider to do a check on your behalf and also patrol the area
• If you suspect that your pet may have been poisoned get them to the nearest emergency vet as soon as possible and also inform your security provider.

Please push your panic or call 0861 585 585 if you require any assistance.