Atlas Security’s new Easylock system is here to provide both residents and small businesses with an access control solution for all your electronic access points (gates, garages etc.). Just imagine being able to access your property from anywhere with a simple phone call. No more remote jamming, cloning and potential theft of your gate remote, as access will now be available directly from your cellphone. Atlas Security offers five phone numbers for each module installed, one reserved for our control room, and the remaining four for you to allocate to your family or colleagues. All existing gate remotes will still work, the phone numbers provided are protected and are the only sim cards that will have remote call access to your property. This service will allow you to open your gate for visitors, family or service workers without having to give them a remote or keys to your home. Having a dedicated access number available in our control room will also allow us to further reduce our stand-down time to your emergencies. Atlas Security Armed Response Officers will have immediate access to your property which could be critical in any life threatening situation. Installation is quick and easy, and can be purchased for as little as R1499, with only a R30 monthly fee (or R360 once off annual fee).Feel free to call us or drop us a message for some additional information about this access solution.