Access to properties – 

With the increase in crime over the years, property owners, such as yourself, have been forced to take additional security measures in order to try and keep criminals out by raising boundary walls, installing electric fences, etc. These additional security measures have also had a direct impact on the ability of our response officers to gain access to your premises in order to conduct a thorough inspection when an alarm signal is received.

Unlike criminals, we as a company have to abide by the various labour laws as well as the laws governing occupational health and safety in the workplace. With this, even though our response officers are agile and fit, we are required to not expose them to any undue potential incidents which could lead to injury. For this reason, we appeal to all our clients who want to ensure a comprehensive inspection of your premises is carried out, provide us with a way of accessing your premises either by allowing an officer the ability to walk through or drive through a gate.

There are various options available to accommodate this request and assist in eliminating potential risks to both you as our client as well as our response officers. For further advice or information on this subject, please feel free to contact our Customer Services Department on 0861 585 585