The proactive Atlas Security Analytical cameras monitoring the pathways behind Beethoven Avenue, in Walmer Heights, were activated when a suspect entered a client’s premises.

The Control Room viewed the live footage of the suspect gaining access and breaking into the premises, and immediately despatched Armed Response to the scene. When Armed Response Officer B5 arrived, he found a wooden ladder against the boundary wall and upon further investigation, found the suspect scrambling through a bag of stolen goods. B5 apprehended the culprit with computers, jewellery, shoes, and other valuables. The suspect was handed over to the SAPS.

Another victory directly linked to the proactive measures that Atlas Security has invested into Walmer Heights, which includes the Analytical CCTV solution, which detects true human movement and allows our CCTV operators to assess the situation in the camera’s view. We will not rest until safety is a standard in our communities!