Another day, another victory for Atlas Security!


We are proud to share another achievement from our dedicated team at Atlas Security. A shining example of vigilance and teamwork led to the successful arrest of a burglary suspect in Despatch.



📍 Location: Handel Street, Despatch


👮‍♂️ Hero of the Hour: Armed Response Officer B19


Our state-of-the-art control room received an urgent alert about a burglary in progress. Without missing a beat, the team activated our network of response teams in Despatch. Thanks to the swift and seamless communication, our Armed Response Officers were on the scene within minutes.


Atlas Security Armed Response Officer, B19 spotted an individual suspiciously carrying bags filled with items, including large garden equipment, evidently stolen. With precision, the suspect was detained, showcasing the effectiveness of our on-ground team working in perfect sync with our control room.


Key to Success: This arrest stands as a testament to the power of our advanced resources and the flawless communication between our control room and the operations team on the ground.


The suspect has been handed over to the SAPS for further profiling, ensuring that justice will be served.


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