Atlas Operations Manager, Monty Montgomery, noticed that large sums of cash, vehicles and valuables have been stolen over the last few months. He says that anyone who keeps large sums of cash on site is potentially at risk and advises the public, particularly businesses, not to become victims.

Try not to keep large sums of cash on your premises. If you do, be sure to have the necessary security measures in place. A safe containing valuable goods can cost you your life.

Larger amounts of cash held on site increase the risk of becoming a victim of robbery.
• Keep amounts of cash on hand to a minimum.
• Erect highly visible signs informing that there is a low cash holding.
• Set a limit to the maximum amount of cash available in the registers, e.g. R2000.
• Train staff to call for pickups when the register reaches its limit.
• Provide assistance in checking cash in tills during busy periods.
• Excess cash from the register/s to be secured in a drop safe or secure safe not accessible to the public.
• Ensure regular banking to reduce cash on site.
• Do not count money in public view.
• Cash should always be handled in a secure area.
• Restrict access to cash offices.
• It is recommended that cash offices be equipped with at least a category three drop safe.
• CIT (cash-in-transit) service providers should be registered with SAIDSA and should comply with minimum regulations.
• Appropriate service level agreements should be in place with CIT service providers.