Area Focus – Walmer Heights & Pari Park

An area is only as safe as its weakest link – which is why a multi-layered approach in securing your area is crucial for a safer suburb.

Both Walmer Heights & Pari Park were once referred to as “hotspots”, between the two suburbs up to 20 burglaries were reported monthly. This figure has decreased dramatically over the last 2 years.

Homeowners and residents need to be accountable for their own security, ensuring your home is lit up at night, your alarm is in good working condition and you have secured your property as much as possible. Any weak link in the chain will always invite a possible threat into the area.


In 2 years, Atlas Security Armed Response has made 19 arrests in Walmer Heights.

Suspect Arrested in Walmer Heights – Armed Response Officer, B14, arrived on scene and recognised one of the suspects as a regular offender. It was no surprise that the suspect was in possession of stolen goods, resulting in the suspect being detained and our Control Room contacting the SAPS. It was later ascertained that the suspect had in his position an ID card of a victim who was hijacked in 2020. Read more here: Suspect Arrested in Walmer HeightsBeethoven

Suspects Arrested After Breaking into a Vehicle in Walmer Heights – While on patrol in Verdi Road on Thursday morning, B70 was stopped by a gentleman in the street, who informed him that four suspicious males disappeared into the bush. It was then discovered that there had been a theft out of motor vehicle at a non-Atlas client. Suspects had smashed the window and stolen a bag. Read More Here: Suspects Arrested After Breaking into a Vehicle in Walmer Heights

The Hunt Continues… – During the early hours of Tuesday morning, the Atlas Security Analytical Cameras in Walmer Heights were activated when four individuals walked through the bush to enter the neighbourhood via Beethoven Avenue.

Control Room Operators noticed that the individuals were carrying bolt cutters and a crowbar. 3 of the 4 were wearing balaclavas and the 4th individual attempting to hide his face when passing the cameras. With our team being on high alert after 2 house robberies and multiple burglaries taking place in the surrounding areas, the team acted swiftly to dispatch Armed Response before contacting the SAPS. Read More Here: The Hunt Continues

How have we done this?

  • Our clients in Walmer Heights have a dedicated 911 WhatsApp group, which is monitored by our control room.
  • Increased visibility and stronger vehicles which we have labelled as “beasts”
  • 2 LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras in Glendore Road, Pari Park. This is monitored by our control room and any vehicle which is listed on the national database as suspicious will be flagged and an alert sent to our control room should a vehicle pass the cameras
  • Analytical cameras have been installed on the boundary of Beethoven Avenue. These cameras will trigger at pre-determined times, in the event of human movement. Our Armed Response will be dispatched if any suspicious movement is detected. This is another layer of security and another investment from Atlas Security to ensure a safer suburb.


TimeAddressSuburbIncident Details 
00:26 Glendore RoadPARI PARKBreak inResponse reported met with client on site.Suspects entered the premises by the front stoep.They also forced open one of the top window.Client can see plenty of alcohol missing.Client did not open a case.
04:50 Sibeluis StreetWALMER HEIGHTSMedicalResponse reported met with client on site.Client confirmed she has not eaten in two days and has hay fever and pain in her lower back.Gardmed transported client to St Georges hospital.
18:58Beethoven AvenueWALMER HEIGHTSRobbery of personResponse reported met with client on site.Suspects was armed  with knives.Suspects stole the clients wallet with R1500 in and his watch.SAP stood down and client opened a case.
09:37 Rubens AvenueWALMER HEIGHTSHijackingResponse reported met with client on site.Client did not give her details as she was in shock.She was delivering items when a polo drove up to her, gun pointed her and asked for her car keys.Suspects stook the goods out of the vehicle, locked it and drove away.SAP stood down.
02:54Verdi AvenueWALMER HEIGHTSTheft positiveResponse reported suspects broke into a vehicle by smashing the window.Client opened a case.
01:29Liszt AvenueWALMER HEIGHTSMedicalResponse reported met with client on site. Gardmed stood down and took the clients vitals. Response withdrew.
08:01Idelwylde StreetWALMER HEIGHTSAttempted TheftClient reported that they had apprehended a suspect that had attempted to break into a vehicle. Suspect had entered the yard area- he had attempted to open the door of a vehicle in the yard but was spotted by the gardener and fled. Client confirms no losses from site and did not require SAPS
16:15Kings Court Buffelsfontein RoadWALMER HEIGHTSTheft positiveResponse reported met with client on site. Two suspects stole a generator and drove off in a white polo. Client will open a case With SAPS.
11:49Beethoven AvenueWALMER HEIGHTSArrestsResponse reported met with client. There was a suspect who had stolen items on him infront of client’s property. SAPS stood down and took suspect to the police station.
16:27Beethoven Avenue WALMER HEIGHTSMedicalResponse reported male in his twenty’s had collapsed in the clients driveway.Male was breathing but not responding.Metro stood down and transported male to Livingstone Hospital.
07:20 Verdi AvenueWALMER HEIGHTSTheft attempted Response reported met with client on site.Suspects attempted to break in by the vehicle.Suspects fled.SAP stood down.
01:32Beethoven AvenueWALMER HEIGHTSTrespassingResponse reported met with client on site.Client confirmed there was two males in the yard.Suspects ran away.
23:29Mozart StreetWALMER HEIGHTSAssualtResponse reported met with client on site.The male on site that assualted client forced his way into the house.SAP stood down and removed the male.
20:35Idlewylde CrescentWALMER HEIGHTSAttempted break inResponse reported met with client on site.Suspects attempted to break in by the garage.No loss
06:12Chlodea Crescent WALMER HEIGHTSBreak inResponse reported met with client on site.Suspects forced open the right hand side lounge window.Client did not see anything missing.SAP stood down and client opened a case.


Attempted break in1
Attempted Theft2
Break in2
Robbery of person1
Theft positive2
Vehicle recovery1
Grand Total16

Watch how our Analytical Camera prevented a possible crime in Beethoven:

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Below is a map of where our cameras are positioned.

The synergy between camera intelligence, control room efficiency, vigilant clients, a dedicated 911 WhatsApp group and a speedy reaction from our armed response, we’re committed to ensuring that these areas remain safe.