With the recent increase in crime, everyone has hopefully beefed up their perimeter security. But have you thought of access for your Armed Response company?

Atlas secures a wide variety of homes and businesses across Port Elizabeth. These range from one-bedroomed apartments, to restaurants, holiday resorts, museums, retail outlets, factories, right down to sensitive flora and fauna. Each scenario varies tremendously and needs different attention during an emergency.

There are many properties that are that are extremely difficult to gain access to because of high walls, electric fences, spikes etc. While this is an excellent deterrent for would-be intruders but it poses a problem for our response staff. Our reaction officers are energetic, strong and fit guys and while in most cases they could climb these obstacles to access difficult areas the chances are high that they might also injure themselves or waste valuable time trying to gain access.

In cases such as these, discretion is the better part of valour. We need our guys on the road – not in hospital beds.

Furthermore, for practical and logistical reasons we regrettably cannot hold individual customer’s keys or remote controls in our vehicles. Vehicles change, drivers change and no cost-effective controls exist for key or remote control handling in vehicles.

In apartment blocks and townhouse complexes, we would encourage you to make provision for installation of an electronic programmable keypad at the motorised gate and/or apartment block entrance. Only body corporate members and our control centre would need this code. This code is given via radio to the reaction officer when he arrives – no time is lost. All gate and intercom installers offer these keypads.

For more information or prices on various access options please call us on 0861 585 585, email info@atlas24.co.za or visit www.atlas24.co.za to arrange for a security professional to visit your home or business.

Atlas Security – your world secure in our hands!