Armed Response Officer Attacked by 4 Suspects

The Atlas Security Control Room received a call for help as a client could hear suspects outside her premises. Armed Response Officer B8 was despatched to the scene, and it’s a call out that he isn’t going to forget anytime soon…

He spotted the four suspects in the street, which was when the chase started. B8 caught one of the suspects, but loyalty amongst thieves became a thing when the remaining three turned back to help their friend. B8 turned to a non-lethal approach by using pepper spray to defend himself, which made little difference as the canister was kicked out of the outnumbered officer’s hand.

B8 drew his firearm, which caused three of the four suspects to flee, but the fourth must have seen this as a challenge as he drew a knife and attempted to stab the Officer. The scuffle continued as B8 suffered mild lacerations to the neck and arm while also taking blows to his bulletproof vest. Had he not been trained in combat, things would have been very different as the suspect wasn’t just aiming to injure. 

B130 arrived as backup, and together they cuffed the suspect and recovered the gate that the suspects attempted to steal. The suspect was handed over to the SAPS and cases of Attempted Murder, Theft, and Possession of Stolen Items were opened.

With such a high level of combat training and experience, why would you want anyone else watching over your family?