In November, 15 armed robberies took place at commercial sites with Uitenhage having the highest reported armed robberies.

During the December and January period, restaurants are targeted and after the series of fast food robberies we ask all clients and members of the public to stay vigilant.

Most of the armed robberies took place between 07:00 – 10:00 or after 17:00 (closing). Staff and customers were held up and tied up. Majority of the suspects went for cash from the cash registers and safes.

We urge all business owners to brief staff on what to do in an incident where an armed robbery is taking place. The staff needs to be extra cautious when opening and closing. If there are CCTV cameras installed, make sure that someone is always “keeping an eye” on them.
Try and maximise the use of EFT payment, as cash on the premises is what they are after!