With the long weekend ahead and many folk going away on vacation, make sure that you arm your alarm and that you’ve got a dedicated keyholder to keep an eye on your premises.

If you’ve arranged a house sitter, warn them not to allow people onto your property without prior arrangements. Criminals are known to use all sorts of tricks to gain entry into premises. Also, inform Atlas of the details of the house sitter in the event of an emergency, otherwise time will be wasted contacting you, the owner, instead of the person on site.

Your Atlas warning signboards are your first line of defence, alerting would-be thieves that the premises are protected and monitored, so make sure that they are displayed clearly. Have a look at your Atlas warning signs on your house/business – make sure that it’s not old/faded as this might indicate the age of your burglar alarm.

Remember to test your alarm. Call Atlas today on 041 401 2222 to perform a “walk” test of your alarm system, or a technician can be scheduled to test your alarm, address any faults and check on the status of the battery backup to your alarm system before you go on holiday. Kindly note that our technicians are booked up to 48 hours in advance.