A Strong Start Ahead Of The Weekend

05 July 2024

We received a tip-off about a potential break-in at a residence on Gardenia Drive, Strelitzia Park.


  • Location: Gardenia Drive, Strelitzia Park
  • Incident: Suspected house break-in

Atlas Security Armed Response Officers, B11 and B131, responded promptly. After gaining permission from the homeowner, they conducted a thorough search of the property. The house was ransacked, with cables and copper cut, indicating a break-in.


  • Two suspects were found hiding in the living room.
  • Both suspects were swiftly arrested by our skilled officers.

Investigation Findings: The suspects had cut holes in the bedroom and kitchen ceilings to gain entry. Fortunately, all intended stolen goods were recovered, and there was no loss to the homeowner.

This successful operation kicks off our weekend with a significant achievement, bringing our total arrests for the week to 10! 

At Atlas Security, we stand guard, ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Remember, if you notice anything suspicious, report it immediately. 

A Strong Start Ahead Of The Weekend Image

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