The Atlas Security Control Room received a panic signal from a resident in Sunridge Park. The client had seen a suspect climbing over her gate, gaining access into her front yard. Armed Response officer B31 arrived on the scene within 90 seconds to apprehend the suspect before access could be gained to the main building.

Next, success in Baakens Valley. Three criminals were apprehended by Atlas Security officer B8 after they were found intruding into a business premises. Armed with a knife and various other tools often used in burglaries, the suspects were detained and handed over to the SAPS.

Another signal was received from an entertainment venue in Schoenmakerskop. The suspects were reportedly stealing copper pipes and cables on site. Armed Response officer B143 caught them red-handed.

An outdoor beam was activated at business premises in Bird Street, Central. Atlas Security Armed Response officer B63 arrived moments later to apprehend the suspect trespassing on the property.

Our team continues to dominate in the war on crime through multiple successes. We believe that making arrests makes a difference. Are you protected by the security company that makes a difference?