Arrest! Lorraine

During the early hours of this morning our control room received a panic signal. With this being the highest priority signal, we immediately dispatched our Armed Response teams. Our control room contacted the client who informed us that there were intruders breaking into the garage. Atlas Security Armed Response Officers arrived at the property and noticed that the driveway gate had been lifted off its rails.

A description of the suspects was shared with the team and the LNHW who began the search. The NHW had found and recovered the stolen bag of tools in Tarn Avenue. Atlas Security Armed Response Officer, B3 recovered a 20m ladder in Elise Street, which was stolen from the property.

The search for the suspects continued along with the NHW, Atlas Security Armed Response Officer, B14 arrested both suspects in Tarn Avenue. All the stolen goods were recovered including house break-in components.

A panic signal from a working alarm system, team effort, vigilance and fast response removed two criminals off our streets.