Atlas Security Completes Three-Day Defensive & Advanced Driver Training With Isuzu!

In a first of its kind for a local private security company, Atlas Security have taken our teams’ abilities to the next level by investing in improving their driving skills and competence.

In December 2017, Atlas Security introduced more muscle to its already strong fleet of Armed Response Vehicles and invested in three state-of-the-art Isuzu KB vehicles. As crime started changing, our approach to how our teams react had to change too. Although fun-looking, the branding of these vehicles still holds true to the existing Atlas Security image, we just decided to challenge the traditional look and feel. The deployment of the new Isuzu KB vehicles, or “beasts” as our team like to call them, would strengthen proactive patrolling and provide a far superior service in an emergency situation.

The bold approach and larger vehicles created higher levels of visibility which have had a positive contribution towards crime prevention across Nelson Mandela Bay. As a result, it was decided that all new Armed Response vehicles would slowly be replaced with Isuzu KB’s. Earlier this year we continued to invest in our fleet by introducing Izuzu vehicles into our Technical Department. These vehicles are manned by our highly skilled technicians who specialize in alarm installations, alarm repairs and CCTV installations.

Atlas Security partnered with the Isuzu driving Academy to provide our team, which included Armed Response Officers, Technicians and Management with advanced knowledge and skills to raise driving standards and increase the competence of the drivers. In an emergency situation it is our duty to ensure we respond and provide you, our client, with the fastest response, within the rules of the law, but to also ensure our team are equipped with advanced skills to ensure the safety of both the driver and other road users.

Areas of focus included:

* Driving Attitudes

* Correct Seating Positions

* Emergency Lane Changes

* Steering Techniques

* Loss of control of vehicle

* Regaining control of vehicle

* Anti-Ambush Techniques

* Vehicle Searches

* Correct home approach techniques

This exercise is the first of its kind by a local private security company. Atlas Security constantly seeks to invest in the strong infrastructure we have already built, including our staff, this is to ensure we deliver a far more superior and trusted service. Operations Manager for Atlas Security, Robert Kimberger says “Having invested heavily in our fleet of vehicles over the last few months, we felt that investing in our staff, who drive these vehicles, is just as valuable. Ongoing training is an important aspect of our business and enhancing the abilities of our staff, who in turn are able to provide the best service possible to our clients has always been a priority for us at Atlas and we will continue to do so moving forward.

We’d like to thank Isuzu for making this training possible for our members and for facilitating the course.”