Atlas Security Cracks Down On Crime With 6 Arrests Over 48 Hours

This week Atlas Security Operations Manager, Monty Montgomery asks a valid question pertaining to deterrents. What security barriers do you have in place? Have you covered all your entry points? Does your bathroom have sufficient protection? Is your garage alarmed? If you have a double storey home, is the top floor alarmed? It is vital to have enough protection. And the most important factor is to arm your alarm.

Home invasions are still ongoing and the criminals focus on unprotected areas such as bath rooms, upstairs sections. They are full of tricks and will even crawl or slide on their stomachs to beat your alarm system.

A total of 27 incidents were reported to Atlas Security during the past weekend, with a crack down from our team, making 6 arrests in Greenshields Park, Walmer, South End and Sunridge Park

Armed Robberies climbed this week, with criminals using brazen methods. This week our control room viewed footage of a store being robbed in the evening while customers were busy ordering food, the effect that an incident like this has on the staff is devastating, not to mention the customers who experience the trauma as well. It is vital to be alert and look around while you’re out and about shopping. Look around and be aware of your surroundings. There will always be signs before they strike. If you feel uneasy, abort your shopping mission.

Be careful where you stop to use your cell phone. Criminals are focussing on negligence and pounce when we’re not looking. We’re all guilty of dropping our guard sometime during our day. All we need to focus on is not becoming a victim.

Stay safe and rest assured, your world is secure in Atlas’ hands.

Here are some great letters and compliments that our team have received:

  • I want to say a huge shout-out, “thank you”, to the armed response officer who attended to my request for an ambulance at 8 Carrick Road, Rowallan Park, yesterday afternoon. Said officer arrived, and was awesomely supportive. He stayed long after the ambulance arrived, and ensured all was stable before asking to be excused. My sweetest mother, sadly, didn’t survive, but his kindness was greatly appreciated –  Teri
  • The Atlas guys in Sunridge Park are truly amazing, they have always been very helpful whenever they have been needed or been asked for assistance, they are the best!!! – Sam
  • Just want to share. Whilst I was still sleeping, my alarm went off. I woke up in a state of shock as my husband had to go to the bank…me now alone and alarm going. I ran to my bedroom door…locked it and phoned my husband to make sure it was not him coming back into the house…I thought height have forgotten to de activate the alarm…it was not him….this happened in second…I pressed the panic button and Atlas was on the scene within minutes..  obviously my husband stopped here three minutes after I phoned him too. A young man from Atlas Owen Jones checked every cupboard room and inside of the roof….outside and around the house…just to find nothing!. Thank you Atlas. We will have all the sensors double checked by yourselves…as I am diabetic and this experience left me all shook up. Thank you for coming to my rescue. That was scary as my neighbour was robbed and attacked about two month ago at La Vista