Atlas Security is the very proud sponsor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber-driven HelpDesk. The HelpDesk aims to assist Business Chamber members with service delivery issues, by means of fast-tracking their requests for assistance with local municipality and government. These issues range from electricity and water issues to infrastructure, account issues, human settlement, and so much more. The main aim is to assist local businesses to thrive without being hampered by red tape and service delivery issues.

The Helpdesk received a total of 79 queries YTD, and we are very proud that the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber was able to resolve a massive 86% of the queries received. This is a significant victory for the partnership between Atlas Security and the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, as we are able to power through tough economic issues and the current political instability to get members the success and answers that they are so desperately seeking with their issues and concerns.


The breakdown of queries received is as follows:

  • 38.5% Electricity Queries
  • 19.2% Water Queries
  • 14.1% Account Queries
  • 12.8% General Queries
  • 7.7% Sanitation Queries
  • 6.4% Roads and Stormwater Queries
  • 1.3% Human Settlement Queries


The exponential growth of requests coming in is a sign that businesses are hungry for solutions to issues within the Metro, as the 79 requests received for the first of the year are only 3 less than the total requests received for the entire year in 2022.

We encourage businesses to become part of the solution, by joining the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber and standing hand-in-hand with like-minded businesses that are working towards a greater tomorrow within the Metro. The opportunity in Nelson Mandela Bay is astronomical, and the realistic truth is that the Private Sector holds one of the largest keys to unlocking that potential.