Atlas Security is excited to bring you the first of its kind in Armed Response… Armed Response Officers will be patrolling various areas on state of the art high-speed hoverboards.

Monty Mongomery, Atlas Security Operations Manager, has proclaimed his excitement with the newly formed partnership with an American based company, which supplies the US Army, “we have been through extensive testing with the Loof Lirpa 1000, and it opens up a completely new service for our clients and poses a threat to all criminals thinking of targeting our clients’ properties.

The Loof Lirpa 1000 can go over 80km/h with posing no risk to the officer on board. There will be a specially designed weapon holster for specialised weaponry, full communication apparatus to ensure constant communication with the Control Room. Individual Loof Lirpa 1000 units will have custom made attachments to detain suspects.

For more, click here to see the demonstration video

April Fools… but we still have you covered during these uncertain times. Stay Safe 🙂