Atlas Security reports a 75% spike in burglaries this week compared to last week and a large increase in vehicles being targeted.

There has been a massive spike in burglaries this week as the National Lockdown conditions are tightened. It is believed that this is only the beginning of the increased wave of crime as more people are losing jobs and losing income, turning to crime to put food on their tables. This is evident by the lack of organisation and professionalism in the incidents that have taken place. The majority of the incidents see a smash and grab approach instead of a structured approach to the crime.

Vehicles are becoming a larger target for opportunistic thieves, which is why we cannot emphasise enough how crucial it is to not leave valuables in your vehicles, especially if they are parked outside. Garages are being targeted as criminals are becoming more aware of the lack of protection, stealing bicycles and other items from the garage comes at a low risk for them. Upgrading your system with the necessary protection is vital as there are generally very valuable items lying unprotected in the garage area.

Atlas security offers a wide range of options to have your full premises protected, so contact us now for a free risk assessment on your outbuildings.