Atlas Security in conjunction with the Theescombe Neighbourhood Watch are proud to be rolling out the first ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras.

The first CCTV Pole was installed and is now live in our locally based control room, the CCTV Pole is on the corner of Christian and Welcome Avenue

Our ANPR system is state of the art and helps us ‘capture’ bad guys.

The success Atlas Security has had with ANPR cameras has been tremendous, having recently assisted the SAPS in two arrests following a farm attack in Alexandria, our control room using the surveillance from the CCTV system were able to locate the vehicle and its movements and direct the responders on its whereabouts. In another case, a bus was reported as suspicious, following the lead and information, the Atlas Security CCTV Operator immediately began searching the cameras and passing on the information to the SAPS. The bus was stopped and searched, upon searching the bus the SAPS found 20 cell tower batteries, two solar panels, and a plasma TV. The stolen goods were estimated to be over R400 000.

With the installation of cameras in several suburbs in Port Elizabeth, we have seen an incredible drop in crime. Not only do we have ANPR but all the poles are equipped with “overview” cameras, which allows us to monitor vehicles entering specific areas. In addition to this CCTV pole, it also houses an Analytical camera, which is trained to monitor the environment and understand the difference between animals, humans and vehicles. They have been incredibly successful in the prevention of crimes, these cameras send signals to our control room when it detects suspicious activity, these cameras are set at predetermined times.

Atlas Security together with the Theescombe NHW has engaged and agreed on specific location points for these cameras.

Now using smarter technology, we can have safer communities!