On Wednesday morning, Atlas Security hosted its first ever School Kids Safety Workshop, thank you to Kenton on Sea Primary School for allowing us to chat to the learners about personal safety and how to protect themselves against stranger danger.

A planned day led to a strong show of force as we partnered with various role players and the Neighbourhood Watch, scouting and patrolling various areas.

In the evening, Atlas Security hosted its first ever ladies Self Defense Workshop in Kenton-on-Sea.

Kenton-on-Sea and surrounding areas have been hit with a number of criminal elements recently. Together with Bernadette Nel-Naude, Community Development Manager for Atlas Security, our team presented a workshop to empower and equip women with skills and knowledge to assist themselves in the event of a possible threat. We extend our services by giving back to our community, these self defense workshops are free of charge.

On Thursday evening Atlas Security did a special operations and show of force in Boknes, Cannon Rocks and Kenton-on-Sea, following another house robbery just a few days ago. These operations are planned and designed to serve as a strong deterrent.

Thank you for the friendly welcome and having us Kenton-on-Sea!