Atlas Security Tracks Stolen Vehicle From Humewood In Cathcart

Acting on CCTV intelligence recovered in the early hours of Friday morning, our control room received an alert of a listed stolen vehicle approaching the Queenstown area. Our control room contacted the SAPS who confirmed that the vehicle was wanted and was stolen in Humewood, Port Elizabeth. Information was relayed to the necessary operational units in the area and the vehicle was again spotted in Cathcart. The SAPS attempted to stop the vehicle when the suspects managed to flee the scene. A cellphone was left behind and the stolen vehicle is currently under forensic investigation.

We would like to commend our control room on their vigilance and the SAPS for their swift action regarding the information received that led to the recovery of the vehicle.

Atlas Security’s network of CCTV has had major success recently, resulting in multiple arrests and the recovery of stolen vehicles. By working closely with the police using the technology of LPR and analytical cameras we can have a strong impact on fighting crime