“Battery-low” signals could put you at risk

Unfortunately power outages and interruptions pose a severe threat to the life span of your alarm system’s back-up battery.  This is by no means an emergency message, but a general information sharing message, to bring to your attention that you could be under severe risk should your battery be running low.

Our systems warn us when your battery battles to supply the required back-up capacity, and in such instances we MUST contact you to bring this to your attention to test and potentially replace the battery. 

It is very important to note that this is by no means a way for us to make a quick buck. Your security is our priority and once your battery starts to fail, we may receive false alarms and ultimately, no signal from your system at all, putting you and yours at risk. 

Failing batteries require as much of our resources as do real emergencies. Our control room and response team react swiftly to each and every signal received and something as mundane as a false alarm owing to a depleted battery may in actual fact, delay response to an emergency. 

Should you get a call from one of our consultants with regards to your system’s back-up battery, it is as a result of a “battery low” signal received. 

Please consider everybody’s safety by allowing us the opportunity to assess your system’s battery.

 Option 1: To replace the 12v Battery back in the Alarm Control Panel

Battery, Call Out & Vat: Total – R399.00 – Special Offer valid for all orders received by 31 October 2019

Option 2: Additional 12v Battery Power Pack – Total: R1 200.00 inclusive of Vat.

Call 0861 585 585 or fill in the form below and we will have our technical department contact you