Burglars come with the rains

Home robbery and housebreaking are among the most frightening and dangerous crimes to experience. It is frightening because it violates our private space and the one place that we think of as our sanctuary.

During adverse weather conditions and rains, the cases of burglaries generally increase. There are several reasons for this.

One is that when it rains at night, there is little chance of household occupants hearing the noises that may be made by the burglars as they break into the houses. Secondly, as it rains at night, there is little chance that security guards brave the rain and guard/patrol.

It is also true that many people who would rather be moving about will be indoors, therefore thugs know that the roads are clear of would-be obstacles.

This is therefore not to scare you but to warn you to take care and to take preventive measures.

There is a need to keep the safety of your houses in mind. You can step up your home security by improving on the strength of your doors, fitting them with burglar proofing, or fitting them with stronger locks.

You can install wireless door magnets on your wendy-house or garage doors, this will alert you in the event of a possible burglary.

You need to treat every noise with suspicion, notify our control room on 0861 585 585, or best push your panic.

Remember that your security starts with you, and that prevention is better than cure.