When arriving at an alarm activation in Walmer Heights on Sunday night, Armed Response Officer B14 noticed a suspicious BMW in the vicinity. Once it was discovered that the activation was a positive burglary, B14 notified the SAPS of the vehicle and the information was circulated in an attempt to track the vehicle down.

The official statement from the SAPS explains that the vehicle was spotted shortly after by a patrolling SAPS vehicle on Circular Drive and proceeded to tail it. Once spotted, the BMW sped up in an attempt to flee the Officers. The vehicle was caught in a yard in Overbaakens, and various housebreaking tools and a large amount of narcotics were found, it was also noted that the BMW had been hijacked. The 4 suspects were arrested on site.

The vehicle is suspected to be involved in many more incidents as a vehicle of the same description has been reported in multiple cases of burglary, the SAPS will further investigate these allegations.

Atlas Security would like to commend B14 for his awareness of the situation, as well as the SAPS for their prompt response to the information and congratulate them on their success. The Atlas Security Team continues to build on the relationship with the SAPS and look forward to many more successes going forward.