Household and business burglaries are on the rise in the Metro. An increasingly common modus oprandi is for the intruder to gain access to the premises via the roof, thereby attempting to bypass or disable the alarm.

What is Atlas doing about this threat? The Atlas Roof Protection dual sensor is a must-have to protect against roof breaks. The ARP is, in most cases, armed 24/7 and you need to specifically bypass this zone in order to disarm it. It is placed near to the mantle of your system in your roof space. This is where all system cabling meets and connects to your panel below. We are seeing a surge in tampering of this kind – where burglars enter the roof space, find the mantle and rip the wiring out. If you have an ARP this is far less likely to occur, as it will detect the intruders and send Atlas a signal before they have a chance to tamper with the system. To purchase this addition to your security system please call us on 0861 585 585 or email