Business safety is a topic that is slowly becoming one of the more talked about trends within Nelson Mandela Bay, and although the increasing awareness is an important cog in the wheel, what creates the forward momentum is using that awareness as a weapon, with the ammunition being business owners taking action before becoming victims.


Commercial crime has been dominating the headlines in the industry, as trends tell the story that criminals are cognizant of the devasting impact of loadshedding on businesses across the Metro. Businesses have been left vulnerable in the dark, as many cannot afford the required alternative power solutions that have the ability to keep operations uninterrupted through the darkness. This is why smaller, more affordable solutions have been made available. Products like Atlas Solar, the Atlas SPS (Supplementary Power Supply), power packs, and more have hit the market by storm to keep your alarm system powered up since Eskom has created a larger playground for criminals to enjoy.


Unfortunately, darkness is not the only entity in a criminal’s friendship circle. There are others that are enjoying the merry-go-round with it, such as employee negligence, lack of safety education for staff, incomplete/inadequate alarm protection, and more. Many of these factors are created by various levels of management believing the age-old phrase ‘it will never happen to my business’.

The reality is that everyone can be a target.


Employee negligence is the easiest to kick out of the criminal’s friendship circle, as the simplest daily acts block criminals in their tracks. Are your staff members leaving the front gate open when they don’t need to? Are receptionists leaving phones, handbags, keys, or other valuables unattended in high-traffic areas of the office or shop? Is the process of handling cash controlled in a safe manner? There are questions you need to ask yourself that will help you understand the risk profile of your premises.

What’s the best way to know that you are asking yourself the correct questions though? Simple… walk through your business with the mindset of a criminal and see what you are able to steal. Depending on how much you get away with, depends on how much guidance your staff will need., as these simple opportunities are what keep the criminals coming back for more.


We have heard many people say that crime is out of control and that upgrading their own security won’t make a difference to the crime rate, but this is where we would like to challenge that thought process as, contrary to that statement (and broadly speaking), we are here to tell you that securing your own business is exactly what will create a safer tomorrow for the entire Metro. If each person cleans the small pavement right outside their own premises, the entire street becomes cleaner. If the people in the neighbouring streets do the same, the entire neighborhood becomes cleaner. If the people in the surrounding neigbourhoods do the same, the entire Metro becomes cleaner… And so on until we have a cleaner country, continent, and world.

The same concept applies to security, if we all upgrade our own security system, criminals will move on to easier targets, but what if there are no easier targets? What if we all have adequate security solutions based on the risk profile of our premises?

Areas become safer and businesses once again start to flourish, and with flourishing businesses come more employment opportunities, which means fewer people need to turn to crime as they have a stable income, and a lower crime rate kicks the door open to more significant investment opportunities within a flourishing economy… And it is at that moment that we will have secured economic sustainability within the Metro.


All in all, we aren’t saying that upgrading your alarm system will change the world, but it might just impact the future of business within Nelson Mandela Bay.