CCTV Alert Leads to a Stolen Vehicle Recovery in Mill Park

The Atlas Security Control Room received an alert from an LPR (Licence Plate Recognition) Camera in Salisbury Avenue, Mill Park. The alert was a signal that an allegedly stolen vehicle was entering the area, allowing the Control Room operators to immediately notify DPS vehicles in the area, as well as the SAPS.

Atlas Security DPS Officers, B42 and B148, had located the vehicle only 8 minutes after the LPR Alert came through. Three suspects were detained on scene until the SAPS arrived, and the vehicle was towed away.

This shows the importance of CCTV Infrastructure in a proactive multi-layered approach to the safety of a community. The team were able to halt the movement of the vehicle before any potential criminal activity could be completed. As they say in the classics, “The best defence is a great offence.”