Our vigilant CCTV team, stationed within the Atlas Security control room, detected suspicious activity near a bustling shopping mall in Walmer. Swiftly, our Atlas Security DPS (Dedicated Service Patrol) vehicle, patrolled by armed response officer B65, sprang into action. Collaborating closely with the shopping mall’s security team, we learned they were pursuing a suspect for theft from a renowned retailer.


Thanks to the communication between our on-ground officers, senior commander, and the control room team, we were able to utilize our state-of-the-art CCTV system to trace the suspect’s actions. Our control room operators observed the suspect discarding the stolen item over a boundary wall of an adjacent residential complex, enabling our quick-response team to recover the goods promptly.


This incident highlights the effectiveness of our integrated security approach, combining advanced CCTV surveillance, strategic coordination, and the bravery of our armed response officers.