An important part of security is empowering the community to become their own first line of defence, which does not mean that businesses need to plant explosives on their doors and hand firearms to their staff. It is simply ensuring that they are proactively monitoring the effectiveness of their security solution, which can be achieved through multiple methods.

The first important rule is to keep criminals out. Once the criminals gain access to a business, it changes the game completely, as the lives of your staff members are now in danger. Effective access control will keep your staff in and the suspects out.

Perimeter detection is a powerful weapon in the fight against crime. The worst thing to happen to a suspect trying to gain access to a premises is being detected before they reach their target. They use the element of surprise to their advantage and achieve this by moving silently in the darkness. Stripping them of that stealth strips them of their plan to surprise. Various ways to ruin their entry are through a monitored electric fence, outdoor beams, or a proactive CCTV solution such as Atlas Security’s Surveillance Pro (A CCTV solution that alerts the Control Room to active movement within the set parameters).

Education is the final pillar of creating a safe working environment for your staff. Educating staff on how to handle various situations, and maintaining the height of awareness of what is going on around them, ensures their safety. Atlas Security offers FREE business safety workshops to all our clients. This entails our Community Development Manager, Bernadette Nel-Naude, coming to your business premises to do a one-on-one session with your staff to empower them to a safer working environment.

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