There has been a drastic rise in commercial incidents this week, with a worrying amount of Armed Robberies taking place. Figures like this should make you take a serious look at how protected your staff are with the measures that you have (or don’t have) in place. Request a free risk assessment for your property from our sales team today, this will assist with possible upgrades/additions that might need to be made to your alarm system. 

Robbery of Person incidents are now a weekly occurrence and there are still people that are staring down into their phone while walking in the streets, or not concentrating on their surroundings. Stay aware at all times! Noticing that criminal stalking your movements while he plans his attack is a lot more important than the message you received from your friend asking about your weekend plans. You can respond to messages at a later stage when you are in a safe space again. Watch your back out there. 

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Or you can wave down one of our patrolling Beasts and chat to our Armed Response Officers.