Crime dropped as quickly as the lights did.

A total of 39 incidents were reported to Atlas Security. Of these, 15 were positive burglaries, 4 attempted burglaries, 1 armed robbery, 6 theft incidents, 5 incidents of vandalism, 3 trespassing incidents, 9 medical assistances and 4 arrests were made. 

Crime has dropped from 45 criminal incidents the previous week to a much lower 30 incidents this last week (Medical assistance excluded). With burglaries drastically dropping from 29 incidents, to only 15 this week. These figures need to be kept low in the coming weeks through teamwork between the community and Atlas Security. With the 2 arrests in Walmer and a recovery of a stolen vehicle, Atlas Security keep making strides in the fight against crime and will continue to keep your world secure in our hands.

Loadshedding is a growing frustration for everyone, and needs to be managed as much as possible. Just like any other business and household, it also places immense pressure on the Atlas Security resources, as failing batteries set off false alarms on a continuous basis. Clients need to understand that they have a responsibility to make sure that their systems are in prime working condition, and that their batteries have enough of a lifespan to survive. There are add ons that can be purchased and various solutions that can be explored to give your system’s battery extra life through these dark days. For more info, please see our website ( or email