Criminals Christmas Shopping Early This Year

December 2019 has kicked off with high levels of criminal activity with a widespread target area.

The holiday season has always been known to be a time for family, friends and relaxation, but in the same breath is a time of opportunity for those that feel it’s their right to take what is not theirs, to disturb our lives for their economic gain. They capitalise on empty homes as families are away on holiday, on empty businesses during shutdown periods and on people with their guards down as they feel the holiday spirit and relaxation.

With it only being the 6th day of December, the incidents that have already occurred is enough to raise the warning flag on what is potentially coming for the rest of the month. A staggering 15 burglaries, 3 attempted burglaries, 5 armed robberies, 2 robberies, 1 house robbery, 2 cases of theft, 2 cases of vandalism and 2 medical emergencies have already been reported to the Atlas Security Control Room. Twenty five incidents in a short space of time, with the holiday season not considered to have officially started.

Atlas Security Operations Manager, Monty Montgomery, highlights the success as well as expresses concern over the beginning of December, “We have made six crucial arrests so far this month, which is a fantastic achievement and only the start, we will keep working hard to provide the safety that our clients deserve right through the season, but we need our clients to stay aware of their surroundings and not drop their guard. At least Twenty Five incidents so far is a very alarming figure for the month, so the community needs to stay vigilant.”

The Atlas Security Armed Response team have been training in all facets of the job to be ready for the season, and are in the best form to tackle these criminals that think they can get the better of the community. We will not stand back and let them control the situation. We will fight back.