The basic concept of security is to make it as difficult as possible for criminals to enter your space and take what is rightfully yours, with an alarm system being the number one tool in the protection of your property, but what is the use of the system if it is not armed as it should be? 

Information from the Atlas Security Control Room shows that people are not arming their alarms as they should be. It is crucial for clients to not only arm their alarms when they leave the premises, but also when they go to bed at night. 

House Robberies that the team has responded to in recent weeks could have had different outcomes if alarms were installed and armed. Here is why: 

Multiple incidents have taken place in the early hours of the morning while the residents are at home and sleeping. Suspects have gained access through windows and then stolen what they’ve wanted, purely because there has been no alarm going off to either scare them away as they know Armed Response are on their way, or to wake the residents up and alert them to the danger in time. 

Your signal is our way of knowing that something is wrong and allows us to send help immediately, but if your system is not armed, we have no way of knowing that there is an emergency. We will play our part from a proactive angle by doing regular patrols and making the criminals know that we are around, we just need to you play your part by arming your alarms when you should. 

This is one of the pillars of teamwork that will make our community a safer one to live in.