A College Drive resident notified our Dedicated Armed Response Officer, B42 that a motorcycle had been stolen. Within minutes, five vehicles cornered the area off and started their search for the red motorcycle. The Dedicated Response Officer for the Mill Park area drove around the business areas on the corner of Salisbury and Cape Road where he spotted the motorcycle.

Within 10 minutes the motorcycle was recovered and handed over to the client.

With the biggest fleet in Port Elizabeth, Atlas Security has the ability and infrastructure to get five back-up vehicles, in this case, to attend to a incident with a successful outcome The co-operation of the community and their vigilance produces success in NMB.

Atlas Security Dedicated Patrol Service (DPS) = Success

We thank the residents who do contribute towards DPS, this allows us to continue investing into a strong security infrastructure in your area.

To check if you’re in a DPS area and to sign up, click here