With the Easter Weekend upon us, some of us will use this time to stay home and unwind, while others will pack the car and head-off to their favourite holiday spots.

However you’re choosing to spend your time off, the number one rule is to stay safe. And a few easy ways to make sure that your belongings are protected if you are travelling:
• Ensure that your alarm system is in a good working condition
• Contact the Atlas Security Control Room to update the details of your keyholders
• Ensure that your alarm is correctly armed when you leave, and that all the windows and doors are secured in order to minimise false alarms.

If you’re staying in for the weekend, arming your alarm when popping out to the shop or when going to bed is vital. Criminals gaining entry undetected due to alarms not being armed at night is happening far too often. It’s so quick to arm your alarm, and provides so much protection to you and your family. So take that extra moment to give your family the protection that they deserve and rest well.