February 2020 Crime Trends And What Happened

A scary fact is that we are now in the month of March, which is a quarter of the way through the year 2020. Is it only us, or is this year flying by faster than any other?

Either way… Time isn’t slowing down, and neither are the criminals, and as they say, “You need to know where you come from in order to know where you’re going.” So let’s take a glance at what February threw at us.

(Please note that the stats are only what came through the Atlas Security Control Room)

There were a total of 179 incidents reported to the Atlas Security Control Room.

Armed robberies are at an all-time high, and we cannot stress enough how vital is for each and every single member of the community to stay alert to their surroundings. When you’re in a public area, it isn’t more important to check that message from your bestie because you just have to know why that other couple really broke up, or check that app on your phone because you need a score update from the big game that’s on.

What is important is being alert enough to notice that suspicious person standing on the corner watching your every movement, or the three people nervously walking towards to the shop’s entrance with the firearms sticking out of their pants. Noticing these small hints can change your next step and be the difference between life and death, instead of going into the shop and getting caught in the situation, with a possibility of something going wrong and you getting shot and killed, you could have giving yourself the chance to get out and contact our Control Centre, allowing Armed Response to arrive on scene and apprehend the suspects. It only takes that split second to change everything.

There were 86 burglaries in the month which averages almost 3 a day, which although doesn’t sound very high in the context of the crime rate of our country, it is still too high for the Atlas Security team to be content with, as a matter a fact, we wouldn’t even be content with 1 burglary a month. The fact of the matter though, is that that our stats are lower because of our multiple DPS (Dedicated Patrol Service) areas, in which crime is incredibly low, with some of those areas boasting zero burglaries for the entire month.

The Atlas Security team is devoted to not only reacting to activations and alerts, but also to being proactive in the fight against crime through various methods, including visible patrols, strategic CCTV infrastructure, constant teamwork the SAPS and various other role-players and much more. This is all to send the message to criminals that we as a community are not backing down and we won’t live in fear.

With that being said, the most effective form of crime prevention is plainly getting the criminals off of our streets, placing them behind bars where they belong, which is why the Atlas Security Team has placed a massive 32 criminals in handcuffs in February alone.

Other incidents that Atlas Security responded to include 11 attempted burglaries, 1 hijacking, 1 murder, 2 fires, 15 medical emergencies, 18 theft incidents, 2 robbery of person and 2 vehicle theft incidents.