No-one likes to think of their townhouse complex as a potential crime scene or easy target for opportunistic thieves. However, the fact is that crime in the Metro is escalating at an alarming rate. Whilst more arrests are being made, very few perpetrators are being sentenced, and when they are, they are released from jail even more “crime-smart” than before. Atlas Security is aware of these threats and is dedicated to protecting our clients’ lives and possessions. In many cases, the biggest problem we encounter is the fight against indifference in body corporates and residents who have a false sense of security.

Townhouses or complexes are increasingly becoming targets of crime as residents – basking in a false sense of security – drop their guard. Residents in townhouses make themselves vulnerable to crime by letting their vigilance slip. This false sense of security leads to careless behaviour. What makes it easier for the thugs is the inaccessibility of complexes to SAPS and armed response which enables criminals to proceed without interruption.

One of the problems we see in townhouse security is that too many people are given the access code or gate remote control. Workers within a complex are given the code and there is no control regarding with whom they share the code. This means that there is a threat of constant movement of strangers in and out of the complexes.

Part of the body corporate’s responsibility is to limit and control access to townhouse complexes. In simple terms, “have a plan”. The security plan usually includes the following measures:
• Controlling exit as well as entry, typically by means of a remote control or keypad and should include secure access solution for our armed response officers. Make sure codes or remotes are reprogrammed if a device is lost or stolen.
• 12 or 24-hour guard patrol. Usually includes portable panic button monitored by Atlas with armed response back-up.

No-one likes the idea of turning their homes into fortresses, but with crime statistics on the rise, the safety of your home and loved ones has to be your first priority. Whilst Atlas specializes in alarm monitoring and armed response, our security consultants are available for consultation to help you with your target hardening requirements.
Notwithstanding community security measures, everyone still remains responsible for ensuring their own well-being. Individual alarm systems linked to a monitoring and armed response service remain fundamental to domestic and personal risk management.

Atlas is currently visiting townhouse complexes across the Metro addressing safety and security matters amongst residents at their meetings. This initiative is aimed at equipping homeowners and tenants with valuable tips on vigilance and also how to behave during a criminal incident.

We identified an intense need for residents to be taught how to react during robberies, particularly armed robberies, at home. Families should be informed of the realities and taught the dos and don’ts during an emergency.

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