Four Armed Robbers Nabbed After Being Spotted On Atlas Security CCTV

Swift team work between Atlas Security and the SAPS led to four suspects being arrested shortly before lunch on Friday, this was after our control room received a notification of a vehicle linked to an armed robbery that took place in Alexandria.

The Atlas Security Control Room immediately jumped into action and began reviewing footage on the CCTV Cameras in the area.

The vehicle was spotted on one of the cameras and the information was fed through to the SAPS and the response team on the ground. The Atlas Security Control Room was able to track the vehicle as it moved through the network of cameras and relay this information to the SAPS in the 10111 centre in Port Elizabeth as well as the multiple response vehicles on the road.

The SAPS caught up with the vehicle and a high speed chase ensued. Through the teamwork and coordination between SAPS and the Atlas Security control room the SAPS were able to intercept the vehicle in Paterson where the arrests were made.

Atlas Security CCTV Manager, Jason Kumm commended the SAPS, Atlas Security Armed Response and the control room for their swift response. Atlas Security is committed to continue working closely together with the police and the community to fight crime. We have already achieved a number of successful arrests throughout the greater Port Alfred area employing this strategy.

This vehicle is allegedly linked to multiple robbery cases that are currently open with the SAPS in Port Elizabeth.