Front-door kickers strike again
We have seen a surge in front door entries, by kicking down the door, again over the past week.
On Friday morning, 5 August, two residences – one in Walmer and one in Fernglen – were both breached in this manner just hours apart. In both incidents the plasma TV was stolen.
In Walmer Heights on Saturday evening, another home was burgled after suspects kicked in the front door and again, stole the Plasma TV.
Just this morning – Wednesday 10 August, a home in Costwold was burgled in the same manner and the Plasma TV and other valuables were stolen.
Three of the four incidents were premises which had security gates intact. We strongly advise that you re-evaluate the strength and sturdiness of your security gate, to avoid becoming a victim of this syndicate. By the same token, perimeter access should be evaluated – see your home through the eyes of a criminal – the more barriers and defenses you put in place, the less likely your home is to be a target. One should also consider bolstering one’s front door with extra locks, which will create less leverage for criminals to be able to kick down the door.
The trend of targeting Plasma TVs is clearly emerging and so, another defense would be to bolt your TV to the wall – this will at least make it very difficult to remove.
In Monty’s article ‘Front-door kickers – The scourge of the suburbs‘ earlier in the month, he describes in depth how these criminals operate – they are in and out in a very short space of time and operate in a very organised manner.
Please remember to arm your alarm – even if you are ‘popping’ to the shop. This could save your home from being the next target.